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  2. urgencynetwork:

    Win a TRIP TO SPACE for going here and supporting a cause of your choice.

  3. When I fall asleep at my computer


    Nooooooo... It's not time to wake up...

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  4. Things I am currently craving

    - hot sex
    - a warm shower
    - milkshake
    - cozy blankets
    - warm, loving cuddles
    - kisses 

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  5. thefandomlifeofamusicalginger:


    dat booty had him like

    I just lose it when the glasses fall of of the second cat’s face

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  6. castiels-mind-tardis:





    If you feel stressed, just watch this gif for a while.

    Wow this gif is soda pressing.

    get out 

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    Magic Carpets 2014 by Miguel Chevalier

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  7. lickdacake:

    Oh yes I did. Lol

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  8. cestpapillon:


    foxes are the most important animals on earth

    im going to keep reblogging this until it isn’t cute anymore

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  11. blondeisawesome:

    This is the best picture of Mercury ever taken.

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